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Beyond Photography Online Certificate Course

I have followed Andrew Boey and Beyond Photography's youtube channel for some time, and found the contents easy to follow, Andrew's explanation is very clear and often times funny! To my delight, I came to know of Beyond Photography's online certification program a couple of months ago. I signed up immediately and was really pleased when the program launched last month.

Each lesson was concise, bite-size and easy to follow. The lesson plan is systematically organized and the learning pace is up to participants. I would say that the lesson / videos bring together and augment the many wonderful videos that are posted on Beyond Photography's youtube channel.

The one disappointment I had was that I wished there were more lessons! he assignments (four in total) were reasonable but require thought and planning. They are crucial in ensuring that theory is translated to practice. Andrew often provided valuable feedback on participants' submissions, and that is really important in our learning journey. The assessment were no push-over and require preparation, understanding and perhaps most critically, the ability to connect the dots.

The last assignment is to create a web page that you are viewing now. Never would I have ventured on this path, as photography started and continues to be a hobby for me. But the seed that was implanted started to germinate ... and I thought to myself, why not see how this path would pan out? Hence this modest web site to market my modest photographic skills.

Go here's my shout out to Beyond Photography!

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